Published: Mountain Sledder Magazine

This photograph of Justin Befu is my first published photo in a snowmobile magazine. Mountain Sledder Magazine published the image in their Fall 2018 issue. I captured this moment next to an ice waterfall at the toe of the Hoodoo Glacier in Valdez, Alaska.


ben_birk_mountain_sledder_magazine_justin_befu ben_birk_mountain_sledder_magazine_justin_befu

Bryson Olson Jet Ski Motor Build

Bryson Olson is a Truckee, California local who is ranked number two in the the world in the vintage jet ski class. I joined Bryson in his garage to photograph him building a custom motor for his Kawasaki JS550. The motor that Olson planned to run in his race ski during the world championships.

Bryson Olson inspecting the mono block cylinder.
Indexing the spark plugs for a few more horse power.

Olson wiring in the electronic parts of the motor.
Bryson Olson inspecting a pair of vintage reeds.
Fresh set of jugs back from the shop.
Check out all the port work.
The man the myth the legend Bryson Olson.

Freel Peak October 14th, 2017 / Shred All 12 Months

Earlier this week Justin Mullen, Chip Snyder, Matt Colton, and myself made the trip down to South Lake Tahoe to go snowboard on Freel Peak for our October shred and month 25 of the Shred All 12 months project.

Chip Snyder
Justin Mullen
Chip Snyder
Chip Snyder
Chip and Justin
See you in November