4 Days

Spent most of the first day looking at three rails, but didn’t hit a single one. Instead went over to Neri’s backyard and snowboarded for a little. I even strapped on Matty B’s board and tried a few tricks. Day two was spent at ASI where my roommate Justin Mullen was eyeing up a man size cliff for his 18th birthday. He hiked around, manned up, and dropped the cliff just like he had planned on. Day three was spent with the beautiful Jordan Parks, in Tahoe City. She ollied threw this mess of steel about 23 times risking decapitation each time. Day Four I woke up late and hiked up ASI with no breakfast in me arriving just as the kicker was being completed. It was quite a large group with 5 riders, two filmers, and myself. It was a good session and ended with some backflips off a small wind lip. The weather for the next week looks like rain turing into snow.

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