Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event

So I have a real love hate relationship with computers. I really enjoy them, and how they let me edit and keep track of my photos, have the world at my fingertips, waste a whole day in bed and conduct my business, but I hate them in the fact they seem so weird for mankind to use. I feel this way about anything really created since the automobile.

Anyways, I was really excited when I found out when Sep. 9th was the date for the “Next Apple Event”. I have been following all the rumors and speculation about new MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, Cinema displays, touch tablets, and Steve Jobs death. So I was excited to see if they were finally updating a lot of their product in need of an overhaul and if Steve Jobs would be giving the presentation with his head in a jar like in Futurama. On the day of Sep 9th I was at work, so I was checking my favorite Mac sites to keep up with the info was being released.

As much as I really am enjoying the Genius feature in iTunes and as cool, and colorful the new iPods are, I was overall disappointed with the event. Don’t get me wrong I am really jealous of the new iPod Touch, and wish mine had the speakers and slimmer design, but this was all an appetizer to me.

I wanted some new meat from Apple. A total overhaul on outdated products or the announcement of new products would have satisfied my hunger. I guess we will have to wait until October to see if anything new is going to come out for the Christmas season. Until then I will make 100,000 playlist and watch the new Visualizer with my stoner friends.

One thought on “Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event

  1. Yeah I see your point. It’s been known for awhile now that Apple was only expected to release a new line of iPods and that the macbooks and iMacs were going to be put on hold for a later event. I’m sure that this event will occur sometime in the next month or two, ideally before Thanksgiving. I was really hoping it would happen in September tho. I think that we weren’t too stoked on the event because we already have pretty sick iPods and aren’t in the market for a new one. It’s hard to get stoked about something that you don’t need/want.

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