New Zealand Snowboarder #53

Stef Zeestraten took full advantage of this large drop with a smooth and calculated half cab. Now the image resides in the new New Zealand Snowboarder. You can read the issue here This is my first image in this publication so a BIG Thank You to Stef, Phil Erickson, and New Zealand Snowboarder Magazine.

Winter in Summer: Stowe, VT

The following took place between December 30th, 2009 and January 3rd, 2010. During the winter of 07/08 I lived in Stowe, VT and worked as Photo Editor at East Coast Snowboarding Magazine. My home mountain for that year was Stowe Mountain Resort and I fell in love with it’s woods and backcountry riding. Fast forward

Stuff No One Told Me

(But I learned on my own) is the name of the site of artist Alex Noriega. He has some very funny work. Take a minuate to check it out. You can even buy some of Alex’s work. I know I will once the t-shirt section of the store is up. Here is the site

Party Wall

Last weekend I hung out with my buddies we had a great time. During the course of our party we took some photos. Well more like four gigs worth and spent about two hours shooting them all. Needless to say it was the highlight of the night. If you would like the “Party Wall” at

Street Bikes on I-83

-Mike Bennett speeding by Three of my friends recently each bought a Yamaha r600 so snapping a few photos of their new bikes is just natural. So we took a lap up to the Rutter’s gas station to grab some food and then road back to Mikes house. -Mike Bennett -Mike Bennett -Lance Fowler

Winter in Summer – Dec 22, 2009

-Mike Bennett Tail Press Harrisburg, PA It had snowed before Christmas in Pennsylvania and my friends and I were ecstatic! We knew the snow might not last long and we had to take quick advantage of the situation. There were tons of rails we could have chose from, but this steep 28 stair with the

Dirt Bike POV

A few days ago I went along with my parents to ride our dirt bikes and hang out for the afternoon. I really enjoy POV shots and had been itching to shoot something so I used the opportunity to take some POV photos of riding the bikes. After duck tapping a Canon EOS 20d to

Hanover, PA

During the fall of last year my girlfriend and I took a few walks threw the downtown part of Hanover, PA. We snapped a few photos, bought some cheap movies, added to our magazine collection/addiction, and passed away the time. Olivia Arden (FILM) Olivia Arden(Film) Olivia Arden(Film) Olivia Arden(Film) Hot Wheels(FILM) Sleeping Cat(Film) Smoke Stack(FILM)

Tahoe Video Part 3

I spent most of my free time at the Tahoe Donnor house that was occupied by a group of guys from PA who went to the local college in Truckee. This video features a mini interview with 2010 Trans Am winner Dom Luza, along with some backyard snowboarding, and jokes. NSFW

Winter In Summer – A New Series

Since I am not able to keep up with my blog very well during the winter months I though it would be fun to share my photography from my winter during the summer. October 18, 2009 We had heard it snowed in the Poconos a foot two days earlier and seeing that it was October

Forest Bailey Interview

I just sent the photos over for this interview this morning. The guys at Snowboard Mag are quick. Read the interview and see more photos here.

On The Road

Drove back to PA last week, only to fly out to Washington. I’ll be back home soon with some new blogs. Until then enjoy the sunsets in your life.

April Showers

Yesterday we awoke to two feet of fresh super light mid winter like snow. I went to Castle Peak with my roommates and friends from PA who go to college in Tahoe.

See this on Flickr

As part of my new site we have incorporated a new button which is located in the upper right corner of the image being displayed. When pressed this button opens the image on my flickr page, allowing you to see technical info or leave a comment.

Camping For Couloirs

Trying to go to bed at 10 PM to wake up at 2 AM and drive 8 hours to hike for another 2 1/2 is not easy. Spencer Cordovano called me telling me of big couloirs and even bigger plans but before all the details were out I was in on the trip.  Waking up at

EastCoast Snowboarding Magazine January 2010

We had the new ECS arrive at the house last week and inside were two new double pages. First up was Kyle Ryan with large chicken salad grab drop shot at Northstar in California for his Rookie Card. The next image was of Mike Bennett from the 15 inches of snow in Pennsylvania during December.

SBC Resort Guide 2010

Today in the mail came a copy of SBC’s 2010 resort guide and inside were two of my images. A full page shot of Justin Mullen and a spot shot of Nick Poohachoff. I am stoked on both images but very stoked on Justin’s Shot. Last year there was little snowfall all of January and

Jason Wagner North Carolina Biking

I spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina and had the chance to shoot with Jason Wagner who is a personal friend, the designer of my website, and writes a good blog. Since moving to NC Jason has started to mountain bike. We went to Carolina North Forest in Chapel Hill, NC and here are the images

East Coast Snowboarding Magazine November 2009

Some more images ran in the new ECS issue. My image of Kade Madsen from SLC ran as his Rookie Card. This is one of my favorite images of the year and I am really glad to see it run. Mike Bennett and Tom Weiss both had images in the Big Boulder Resort Guide section.

Playboard Magazine #57 & Transworld Vol 23. December 2009

This image of Nick Poohachoff is my most successful image to date. It has run as the Cover of Playboard Magazine #57 in Germany as well as a full page in Transworld Snowboard Magazine Vol 23. December 2009 issue. Playboard has popped my cover cherry and very big thank you to them for that. Here

Snowboard Magazine December 2009

I was told I had a double-page in the new Snowboard Magazine and this was confirmed when my mom picked me up the new copy at the store. This is my first image in their publication and I am really stoked to see the image is the opening spread to the gallery. A big Thank

Olivia Arden & Panoramic

I have taken a lot of photographs of Ms. Olivia and here are two more. The color image was shot in Hanover, PA during one of our walks and was taken on my Hasselblad 500c/m with Kodak E100VS film. The B&W image of her was taken on some 35mm camera with film that I forget.

ESPN Zoom Gallery

I had an image in the Zoom Gallery on ESPN last month. Here is the link to the gallery and a screen shot of the image. So far this image has ran 3 times this year. Good thing too because it took me going to this spot 4 days in a row to get it.

End The Fed – New Book

Olivia bought me “End the Fed” by Ron Paul. I was a Ron Paul fan during the last election and was really excited when I saw his interview on Jon Stewart regarding this book. My plan is to crack it open over the Thanksgiving weekend.

a little of New

Some new stuff thats going to be on a new site. BenBirkPhoto v2 upgrade is about out.

Transworld Vol.23 November 09 Issue

Mike Bennett representing Big Boulder for the last two years now in Transworld. Pick up the new issue (Pat Moore Cover) to see the shot and get a buy one get one free ticket offer to Big Boulder. See you all on Halloween night at BB.


A few portraits and lifestyles from this past summer that have not been posted yet. Some are film, and some are digital. Not going to say anything about them, you decide for yourself.

East Coast Snowboarding Magazine September 2009

Three images in the first issue of ECS for the year. ECS looks kick ass this year. Printed on real paper and with bound pages this magazine is just as thick as the new TWsnow also. Get a copy if you can. Congratulation ECS on 20 years of East Coast Coverage.

Playboard Magazine #56

New Double Page in Playboard. Emery Callison with a large gap to BS Lip in Tahoe, CA.

Holga Stories

When I originally got back this roll of film in the winter I just about threw it out. It was totally black and I could not see any images in the negative. Luckily I saved it and decided to scan it in just to see if anything would show up. To my surprise when the

Jerod Stoner: Portraits of People I Know

Jerod is the local pro I guess I could say. He has 4 tracks at his house, a 80 foot + jump, and a few other smaller ones. This is one of the smaller ones in the woods and by smaller I mean a 50ft step up jump.

Make Sure Your Running Lightroom In 64-Bit

After installing Snow Leopard a few days ago I took the time to open Activity Monitor to see what programs were running in 64-bit and which ones were left in 32-bit. To my surprise I saw that my copy of Lightroom 2 was running in 32-bit still.

Ultronic Panoramic Camera

I picked up this little focus free plastic lens camera for $2 during my trip in washington, and put a cheap roll of Fuji Superia X-TRA400 into it right away. I was a little worried about some of the film coming out overexposed but thanks to the latitude of color negative film the photos came

ECS Issue 5.3

Double Page of Justin Mullen Frontside 720 at Big Boulder, PA. Stoked to see this shot get run.

Balancing Backlighting With Flash

  Have you been in a situation where the subject you wanted to shoot was in the shade or had a shadow cast on it, and the background was blown out in your attempt to properly expose your subject? EXAMPLE In this post we are going to cover how to make much better photos out

April 4-29

  The month started off with shooting the Academy Snowboard Camp at Boreal. Things then got serious as I shot with the whole Academy team for 5 day all threw north Tahoe. Sugar Bowl built Nick Poohachoff a large step up jump that we shot on for two days. Also Ryan Tarbell got shots on

Will Bateman and Hoven

Hoven wanted some photos of Will wearing their sunglasses. Not sure if they wanted to see how marketable the kids face is or what, but Will and I took about 10 min to bang out these photos. Thought I would share the photos and if I can say looks like I matched the quality/style of

Transworld Vol. 22 April 09 Issue – Lucas Magoon

Transworld Vol. 22 April 09 Issue – Lucas Magoon After being dropped out of the last issue, I was stoked when I picked up this months issue in the grocery store and saw my image in the wallpaper section. It was a shot of Lucas Magoon on the DFD ledge in Burlington, VT that I

ECS Issue 5.2

Got another money shot in the new ECS issue 5.2. Keith Bennett with a 5-0 down a wooden rail. First handrail I ever shot.

SBC 2009 Resort Guide

Really stoked to find out I had three photos in the new issue, including my first full page action shot. I wont take up your time reading, so just take a look at the photos.

Best iPod Accessory EVER!

OK, so we have all seen some great, and some really lame iPod accessories, but we have never seen anything that would turn that great little device into every girls best friend. You’re thinking it’s a mirror, or maybe an ” Am I Fat” app for the iPod touch. No No my friends this is

ECS 5.1

Little update on stuff in print. I got a full page “Money Shot” of Luke Haddock in East Coast Snowboarding Issue 5.1


Click the links for animated .gif files Mike 1 Mike 2 Mike 3 Mike 4 (Rockets)

Transworld Vol. 22 Nov. 08 Issue

I was happy to crack open the new Transworld to find my name once again in the Contributing Photographers list. The photo that ran was of my good friend Mikey B, and at one of my favorite resorts; Big Boulder. In fact the photo was used because Big Boulder was ranked the No. 5 “East

My first year as a “Snowboard Photographer”

I started shooting film again last month, in an effort to actually shoot something over the summer months. Now what is the point of shooting film if I can’t show it off? So I went and bought the Canon Canoscan 8800F flatbed/film scanner. I will be giving a review of the scanner along with some

Transworld Vol.22 Oct 08 Issue,

has popped my first photos in a national magazine cherry. I was contacted last winter to shoot the slopestyle page for transworld at Big Boulder. Not much I can write about it, so I will just show you the photos. They have a few more photos of mine that I hope will be used so