Camping For Couloirs

Trying to go to bed at 10 PM to wake up at 2 AM and drive 8 hours to hike for another 2 1/2 is not easy.

Spencer Cordovano called me telling me of big couloirs and even bigger plans but before all the details were out I was in on the trip.  Waking up at 2 was hard but staying awake enough to drive was even harder.  I keep myself going by telling myself that if I dosed off once I would pull over and go to sleep.  This gave me the motivation to keep on driving threw the night.

AM Driving

Arriving around 10 I meet up with Spencer and Abe Greenspan.  I grabbed my gear out of the car and started down the trail.  The couloir we wanted to ride was a very easy 15 minute hike to the base followed up by a two and half hour hike straight up the middle.

Upper Left

I really wanted to ride the couloir myself and made the hike up with Spencer and Abe.  Inside the walls of the couloir the air is very cold and the snow is steep but stable.  The idea of falling backwards and tumbling 2000ft down almost was enough to stop me but I continued to hike.  The ride down was very fun and very very tiring on my legs.

Looking Up

Once back at the cars we grilled some sausage and sat around camp for a bit.  We formulated the plan to camp out that night and ride the couloir again in the morning.  I slept in my car and got to watch as the sun rose and filled the valley with light.  I decided I was going to shoot from the trail so Spencer and Abe started their hike early while I cleaned up camp.

Abe & Spencer

After cleaning up I started my hike up the trail and set up my base station.  Spencer and Abe rocketed up the couloir in under two hours and each took a run down.  Spencer completed his run fully naked which was a big surprise to the young couple on skis that was hiking lower down the couloir.  Meeting back up at the cars we finished packing up and hit the road.

Guys Mid Hike
Abe Greenspan

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