Seasonal Siblings

Three of my buddies have started a site and are producing videos of their winter experience. Sam Hulbert, Ian Thorley, and Brandon Reis all originate from the East Coast and are very involved in the contest and Tahoe scenes. Being the funny guys that they are I am sure the videos will be very entertaining

Web Edits

My buddies are all hard at work producing videos and this week three different edits dropped. Each were killer so I thought I would share. GKC Fall Edit 2010.

Stuff No One Told Me

(But I learned on my own) is the name of the site of artist Alex Noriega. He has some very funny work. Take a minuate to check it out. You can even buy some of Alex’s work. I know I will once the t-shirt section of the store is up. Here is the site

Snow Leopard

Hello? Can you hear me out there? I’m reporting in to you from Mac OS X 10.6. Installation went perfectly and I’m trying out the new features. Stoked.

Burning Bridges

I was really excited when I found this movie still available on the Holden Outerwear website. I am not an impulse buyer by a long shot, but when I saw this I didn’t even think twice about ordering it. I have had a bootleg copy of the movie for years now but it has completely


I have never been a big fan of Photoshop. Never used the program for more then raw editing or putting together a few sequences. Needless to say I was really stoked once I learned about Lightroom, and just about totally abandoned Photoshop and Bridge from my workflow. With the arrival of lightroom 2 the need

American as Punk and Used Car Commercials

Some of the best punk bands, and the best used car commercial. Nothing is a good as SBTF if you don’t know what it is, slit your throat. Bad Brains – Attitude Dead Kennedys Insight GBH Generals Big Bill Hell’s Cars

Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event

So I have a real love hate relationship with computers. I really enjoy them, and how they let me edit and keep track of my photos, have the world at my fingertips, waste a whole day in bed and conduct my business, but I hate them in the fact they seem so weird for mankind

Stumble is wasting my life

Stumble Upon is a plug in for the Firefox Internet browser. You download the plug in, install it, select from long list of topics that you are interested in, and it will bring you to sites related to what you checked from the list. It is a great plug in for anyone who spends 8hrs+


So on this blog I’m also going to highlight some of the products I purchase. I recently dropped my 500GB external hard drive and thought it was broken. So I went to Newegg and with help from Jason Wager of plzthxbai I found a new 500GB drive and dual-bay external enclosure. To my pleasant surprise