Turbine Boardwear Ad – Kyle Ryan

-Transworld Vol. 25 Oct 2011 Issue. Another ad from the guys at Turbine. This one features team rider Kyle Ryan. All photos were shot during a team trip to Mammoth, CA.

Darrell Mathes/WESC Polaroid Contest

VGSnow.com hosted a Polaroid contest judged by Darrel Mathes. Although I didn’t win I did receive an honorable mention and a box of prizes. Link to the winners http://vgsnow.com/darrell-mathes-polaroid-contest-winners/

Flow Snowboarding Ad

Scotty Lago received and full page ad. I did not shoot the action, just the lifestyle. Published in 2011/12 Transworld Buyers Guide.

Nomis Ad – Nick Poohachoff

Nick Poohachoff Lake Tahoe, CA Published in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine 2012 Buyers Guide and Snowboarder Magazine October 2011.

Toy Cameras Book

I was contacted a while ago to submit photography I had taken with a little toy camera called an Ultronic Panoramic. Six months later some of the images made it into the final book. – Both images on the right page are mine. – One image in the bottom right. – Top image on both

Axtion Magazine

Cory Cronk – Wallride Lake Tahoe, CA Hanging out with the FODT crew last winter was great. Hard working guys and a great filmer. The group had set up a wall ride on a popular feature in Tahoe. Shooting it down the tunnel I felt like I was looking down the bellows and out the

Adobe Lightroom Speed Test with SSD VS HDD

***For those of you that don’t know I am a snowboard photographer. Please take a minute to check out my Photography, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and take a look at my blog.*** With my new SSD installed it was time to run some speed test.  Since I bought the SSD to speed up my photo workflow, I decided to

Desillusion Cover

Desillusion Ryan Tarbell – Sugar Bowl, CA I’m so happy this shot was FINALY published. It’s hands down one of my favorite photographs of all time. Shot in Lake Tahoe in 2009 on my Hasselblad 500C/M. Ryan Tarbell lays down a frontside 180 with the most G’d up style. Knees in the face! Are you

Forest Bailey: Goes to Church

Frontside 180 Tail Grab to Tree ride Tahoe, NV There was a church being built right at the bottom of Diamond Peak last year. Forest had has his eye on it and suggested shooting a photo on the property. He rigged up this drop/tree ride. Cool stuff until the pastor kicked us out.

New Buys: Polaroid Land Camera 340

I found a Land Camera for sale on craigslist.com. I didn’t know anything about the camera when I bought it. Not even how to extend the bellows. What I found out was my $20 purchase was in MINT condition and included every accessory in the book.

Winter in Summer: Nick’s Zone

Stef Zeestrate – Quick slash to drop. Nick Poohachoff grew up in Tahoe so naturally he has some sweet areas to get our shred on at. This little pillow/cliff zone is right outside of ASI. A quick 20 minute walk and your ready to have some fun. Tall Treez was on hand so look for

Winter In Summer: Will Bateman

Will Bateman is one of the few riders I know who would rather shoot a photo then shoot a video. This photo was taken on Superbowl Sunday at the bottom of a neighborhood. Will and myself were the only people present which made for an enjoyable time. The run in was a slight issue as

Transworld Vol. 24 November 2010

Two images in the Transworld 2010 Resort Guide. Top Image of Jeremy Anderson at Seven Spring Resort, PA Bottom left image of Bobby Keil at Big Boulder, PA (shot on film)

Winter In Summer: Travis Kennedy

I spent a few days this winter shooting with the Tahoe FODT crew. I never thought I would hang with these guys but I ended up having a blast. Travis is much more of a funny man then I had ever imagined. Cracking jokes all day while pulling off tricks with classic smooth style. Image

Playboard Photo Issue #7

This shot of Riley Nickerson ran a few years back in Playboard Magazine. Top image is mine. Shot on a Canon EOS 20D with Tokina 10-17mm 3.5-4.5 DX Fisheye. Elinchrom Ranger RX light pack with A head along with a few Sunpak 555 all triggered via PocketWizard Plus II. See the original on flickr.

Winter In Summer: Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey with a method up and over the truck. Colton from the Dump Em crew had invited me along to shoot with them for the day at a junk yard in Truckee.  Forest came out swinging and landed a few tricks before one of the other riders got hurt and we ended the session

Winter In Summer: First Day in Tahoe

-Sam Hulbert First day in Tahoe and I’m at a jump with Sam Hulbert, Ian Thorley, and Tim Humphreys. I was very excited to get out, into the snow, and start photographing. The jump was just outside of Alpine Meadows and quick hike from a parking lot. -Ian Thorley -Tim Humphreys

Transworld Vol. 24 September 2010

My image of Matt Bothfeld made it into the September issue of Transworld. The photo was taken during a day of shooting at Big Boulder (see blog post of that day here). Here is the tech info. Shot on a Canon EOS 1D Mark III with a EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens at 1/1000 sec,

Academy Catalog 2010/2011

In the spring of 2009 I spent five days shooting with the Academy team around Donner Pass, Sugar Bowl, and Kingvale. It was a great experience and lead to half a dozen published shots including my first cover. Below are my images that made it into the catalog. Along with a video I shot this

On the Roof

More images of Olivia Arden. I know you guys don’t like looking at girls as much as they do guys on snowboards. My web views have been down. But I need to clean out Lightroom and get my stuff online. Don’t worry there will be more Winter in Summer posts once I finish up submissions


My current job has me working 12 hour shifts which leaves little time for posting photos. I also have a mounting backlog of photos to post. So I will be posting more soon, but with less writing and less photos. I don’t know which one I like more. Both photos are of ms. Olivia Arden

B&W Panoramic

I have a cheap $2 plastic Ultonic Panoramic Camera that I love to use. All images shot on Kodak 400 Tri-X.

ESPN July Zoom Gallery

ESPN published another installment of their Zoom Gallery and my image of Travis Kennedy made the list. See the gallery here. Image was shot on a Canon EOS 1D Mark III with a Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM. Elinchrom Ranger RX with A-Head provided my lighting fired via a pair of PocketWizard Plus IIs. See the

Jerod Stoner

-Jerod rips around a corner Stoner is hands down the best dirt bike rider I know. He has won countless races throughout the US and has even been to Travis Pastrana’s house to ride before. Last year he won a large race in PA and this year the event organizers wanted to sell t-shirts with

Adriana Sky/Knotfal

Neil Palumbo is a local photographer/friend that lives in my neighborhood. He has been following the band Adriana Sky (formally Knotfal) around for over a year now and asked me if I would be interested in shooting the band at a local bar in Harrisburg. I had never shot a band before and in the

Quick Skate Shot

-Mr. Doug Usko Rock to Fakie at the Reid Menzer Memorial Skatepark in York, PA Shot at 1/500th at f/4.0 ISO 100 with Canon EOS-1D Mark III & EF 24-70mm F/2.8L USM.

Winter in Summer: Big Boulder, PA

-Billy Keil AKA Bobby AKA Bobby Big Hands with a most proper backside tailslide Every year I like to make it up to Big Boulder Ski Resort in Blakeslee Pennsylvania to shoot their park for the various magazine’s resort guide issues. Big Boulder is host to a park that has been in the Transworld Top

Winter in Summer: Stowe, VT Part 2

For the trip we were about to take on day 2, we sure did not wake up early enough. Mike, Justin and myself were late to bed seeing the night before was New Years and consequently we were late to rise. Once we did get ourselves up, it was for a quick breakfast before we

New Zealand Snowboarder #53

Stef Zeestraten took full advantage of this large drop with a smooth and calculated half cab. Now the image resides in the new New Zealand Snowboarder. You can read the issue here http://www.nzsnowboarder.co.nz/home/. This is my first image in this publication so a BIG Thank You to Stef, Phil Erickson, and New Zealand Snowboarder Magazine.

Winter in Summer: Stowe, VT

The following took place between December 30th, 2009 and January 3rd, 2010. During the winter of 07/08 I lived in Stowe, VT and worked as Photo Editor at East Coast Snowboarding Magazine. My home mountain for that year was Stowe Mountain Resort and I fell in love with it’s woods and backcountry riding. Fast forward

Party Wall

Last weekend I hung out with my buddies we had a great time. During the course of our party we took some photos. Well more like four gigs worth and spent about two hours shooting them all. Needless to say it was the highlight of the night. If you would like the “Party Wall” at

Street Bikes on I-83

-Mike Bennett speeding by Three of my friends recently each bought a Yamaha r600 so snapping a few photos of their new bikes is just natural. So we took a lap up to the Rutter’s gas station to grab some food and then road back to Mikes house. -Mike Bennett -Mike Bennett -Lance Fowler

Winter in Summer – Dec 22, 2009

-Mike Bennett Tail Press Harrisburg, PA It had snowed before Christmas in Pennsylvania and my friends and I were ecstatic! We knew the snow might not last long and we had to take quick advantage of the situation. There were tons of rails we could have chose from, but this steep 28 stair with the

Dirt Bike POV

A few days ago I went along with my parents to ride our dirt bikes and hang out for the afternoon. I really enjoy POV shots and had been itching to shoot something so I used the opportunity to take some POV photos of riding the bikes. After duck tapping a Canon EOS 20d to

Hanover, PA

During the fall of last year my girlfriend and I took a few walks threw the downtown part of Hanover, PA. We snapped a few photos, bought some cheap movies, added to our magazine collection/addiction, and passed away the time. Olivia Arden (FILM) Olivia Arden(Film) Olivia Arden(Film) Olivia Arden(Film) Hot Wheels(FILM) Sleeping Cat(Film) Smoke Stack(FILM)

Winter In Summer – A New Series

Since I am not able to keep up with my blog very well during the winter months I though it would be fun to share my photography from my winter during the summer. October 18, 2009 We had heard it snowed in the Poconos a foot two days earlier and seeing that it was October

Forest Bailey Interview

I just sent the photos over for this interview this morning. The guys at Snowboard Mag are quick. Read the interview and see more photos here.

See this on Flickr

As part of my new site we have incorporated a new button which is located in the upper right corner of the image being displayed. When pressed this button opens the image on my flickr page, allowing you to see technical info or leave a comment.

Camping For Couloirs

Trying to go to bed at 10 PM to wake up at 2 AM and drive 8 hours to hike for another 2 1/2 is not easy. Spencer Cordovano called me telling me of big couloirs and even bigger plans but before all the details were out I was in on the trip.  Waking up at

EastCoast Snowboarding Magazine January 2010

We had the new ECS arrive at the house last week and inside were two new double pages. First up was Kyle Ryan with large chicken salad grab drop shot at Northstar in California for his Rookie Card. The next image was of Mike Bennett from the 15 inches of snow in Pennsylvania during December.

Tahoe Photo

Will Bateman and myself rode Alpine Meadows yesterday and I got worked so I took today to catch up on work.

PA-CA 2010

Justin and myself made our trip from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Tahoe California last week for the second year in the row. I shot photos along the trip on the LX3, which you can view in this flickr slideshow. Justin also made a video edit from our trip.

7 Springs Resort Pennsylvania

Over the weekend Doug Usko, Mike Bennett, Jesse Stoneburger and myself went to 7 Springs Resort to shoot their halfpipe on opening day. I decided to film a bunch of our trip with my new Panasonic LX3, and here is the video result. It is a lot of fun filming with this camera and I

New Buys: Film Film Film

I bought a little bit of film for this year. I hope to have gone threw all of this stock by February.

New Buys: Hasselblad 40mm & NC2 Prism

Over christmas I received a used Canon 35mm camera from KEH.com and was so impressed with the camera that I decided to go back to them when I wanted to purchase some new Hasselblad gear. After a few conversations with Sam Muller and Tim Z I decided to go with the Hasselblad 40mm over the