New Buys: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

I bought some new gear for this winter. Today arrived my first of three items and inside it was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. I have never owned a point and shoot camera, so deciding which camera to buy and education myself on P&S technology was a task. I knew I wanted video capabilities, low f-stop,

SBC Resort Guide 2010

Today in the mail came a copy of SBC’s 2010 resort guide and inside were two of my images. A full page shot of Justin Mullen and a spot shot of Nick Poohachoff. I am stoked on both images but very stoked on Justin’s Shot. Last year there was little snowfall all of January and

Bonnie Macfarlane

Last thursday I went to Reid Menzer with Bonnie to shoot a large drop in the park. The drop top was at my shoulders and large for anyone to hit let alone a girl.

Jason Wagner North Carolina Biking

I spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina and had the chance to shoot with Jason Wagner who is a personal friend, the designer of my website, and writes a good blog. Since moving to NC Jason has started to mountain bike. We went to Carolina North Forest in Chapel Hill, NC and here are the images

East Coast Snowboarding Magazine November 2009

Some more images ran in the new ECS issue. My image of Kade Madsen from SLC ran as his Rookie Card. This is one of my favorite images of the year and I am really glad to see it run. Mike Bennett and Tom Weiss both had images in the Big Boulder Resort Guide section.

Playboard Magazine #57 & Transworld Vol 23. December 2009

This image of Nick Poohachoff is my most successful image to date. It has run as the Cover of Playboard Magazine #57 in Germany as well as a full page in Transworld Snowboard Magazine Vol 23. December 2009 issue. Playboard has popped my cover cherry and very big thank you to them for that. Here

Snowboard Magazine December 2009

I was told I had a double-page in the new Snowboard Magazine and this was confirmed when my mom picked me up the new copy at the store. This is my first image in their publication and I am really stoked to see the image is the opening spread to the gallery. A big Thank

Olivia Arden & Panoramic

I have taken a lot of photographs of Ms. Olivia and here are two more. The color image was shot in Hanover, PA during one of our walks and was taken on my Hasselblad 500c/m with Kodak E100VS film. The B&W image of her was taken on some 35mm camera with film that I forget.

ESPN Zoom Gallery

I had an image in the Zoom Gallery on ESPN last month. Here is the link to the gallery and a screen shot of the image. So far this image has ran 3 times this year. Good thing too because it took me going to this spot 4 days in a row to get it.

Holga Stories

Five images that I shot towards the end of the summer.

a little of New

Some new stuff thats going to be on a new site. BenBirkPhoto v2 upgrade is about out.

Transworld Vol.23 November 09 Issue

Mike Bennett representing Big Boulder for the last two years now in Transworld. Pick up the new issue (Pat Moore Cover) to see the shot and get a buy one get one free ticket offer to Big Boulder. See you all on Halloween night at BB.


A few portraits and lifestyles from this past summer that have not been posted yet. Some are film, and some are digital. Not going to say anything about them, you decide for yourself.

East Coast Snowboarding Magazine September 2009

Three images in the first issue of ECS for the year. ECS looks kick ass this year. Printed on real paper and with bound pages this magazine is just as thick as the new TWsnow also. Get a copy if you can. Congratulation ECS on 20 years of East Coast Coverage.

Jerod Stoner V2.

You all saw the post of Jerod Stoner well here are some more shots of him at his private dirt bike park.

Redscale Film

I read about Redscale film online and really wanted to give it a try. A quick google search will show you how to make it. I am not sure if I loaded my film in a room that was not completely black or if my camera has some bad light leaks but either way I

Playboard Magazine #56

New Double Page in Playboard. Emery Callison with a large gap to BS Lip in Tahoe, CA.

Holga Stories

When I originally got back this roll of film in the winter I just about threw it out. It was totally black and I could not see any images in the negative. Luckily I saved it and decided to scan it in just to see if anything would show up. To my surprise when the

Jerod Stoner: Portraits of People I Know

Jerod is the local pro I guess I could say. He has 4 tracks at his house, a 80 foot + jump, and a few other smaller ones. This is one of the smaller ones in the woods and by smaller I mean a 50ft step up jump.

Make Sure Your Running Lightroom In 64-Bit

After installing Snow Leopard a few days ago I took the time to open Activity Monitor to see what programs were running in 64-bit and which ones were left in 32-bit. To my surprise I saw that my copy of Lightroom 2 was running in 32-bit still.

Doug Usko: Portraits of People I Know

Doug is one of the first people I ever snowboarded with at Ski Roundtop when I was in my early teens. Now 7 years later we still skate in Harrisburg when we can and Philadelphia for my first time last month.

Kodak KB-10 My First Camera

While looking threw my parents house I came across the first camera I had ever been given. It’s a point and shoot 35mm camera that has a fixed focal length lens with a flash that fires every time the shutter is pressed and goes by the name Kodak KB-10. I was really excited to play

Holga Stories

I became interested in Ektachrome 64T Tungsten film so I bought myself a roll, and shoved it in my Holga 120N. Typicaly my Holga has no light leaks but because I took the frame holder piece out a lot of light was able to leak in. Unfortunately because of the light leaks it kinda ruined

Bladhill Billies

I spent the afternoon throwing Horseshoes and taking some action/portrait photos with a bunch of kids from the Baldhill area. Not a lot to write just look at the photos.

My First Roll Of Kodak E100VS

Bought a roll of this film off the advice of Sam Muller and have to say it’s now my favorite super saturated slide film. I like it more then Fuji Velvia because it’s easier to scan and has much better skin tones. I shot a few frames at Big Blue with Alex, two portraits of

Olivia Arden Loves Nonsense

O my fish in the sky, shoes on the ceiling and trees walking by, bending down high, reaching up low. Everything seems to be wrong, right? While most people might think fish in the sky and trees walking by are wrong, Olivia Arden does not. She loves ridiculousness and seeing the most peculiar things. She

FDR Skatepark Philadelphia

I have not been to Philadelphia since when I was in middle school and went to a Flyers hockey game with my father. So when Alex Kinttle called and asked me if I wanted to go skate FDR park I quickly agreed and set a date for our trip. The hour and half ride went

Contax IIIa

When my grandfather passed away this winter I received all of his camera gear, and one of the items was a well preserved Contax IIIa Camera with the original leather case. The camera itself looks beautiful, the metal still has a bright shine, and the leather case is in perfect condition. After doings some google

Summer Skating

I have a lot of photos that I need to post up here on the blog. So I’m starting with the oldest and working my way forwards. First on the list is skating shots from early summer that never got posted.

Holga Stories

Might turn this into a new blog series. Just a roll of film through the Holga and it does not even have to make sense. Luckily most of these images were shot on my drive back from Tahoe to PA so it does have somewhat of a story.

Ultronic Panoramic Camera

I picked up this little focus free plastic lens camera for $2 during my trip in washington, and put a cheap roll of Fuji Superia X-TRA400 into it right away. I was a little worried about some of the film coming out overexposed but thanks to the latitude of color negative film the photos came

Hershey, PA Skateboarding

Alex took me to a new place to shoot photos today. Hopefully will go back there soon to shoot some more.

Polaroid of the Day

I ran out of film. See the older days on my flickr.

Vintage Snowboarding Photos

I was cleaning up an old hard drive and found these scans of old film photos from my first winter shooting which was the 05/06 season.

Vintage Tractors

My cousin Cody is somewhat of a mechanical genius I have been told and for his age it would really be an understatement to say somewhat. His passion and understanding of motorized vehicles runs in the blood according to the older ones in the family. My grandfather has this frankenstein of a tractor that he

I steal Polaroids

Olivia has a polaroid camera but refuses to ever use it. Last night I took it from her and snapped off three photos before she could rip it out of my hands. I now owe her $6 for wasted polaroids even though she has about 50 or so on her wall in her room.

Pennsylvania Skateboarding

Now that it’s summer and I don’t have a job I have been skateboarding quite a bit and have been getting better in the last 2 months then I have in the past 5 years. My total bag of tricks is as follows Ollie, Ollie off objects (I count that as a tick in my

ECS Issue 5.3

Double Page of Justin Mullen Frontside 720 at Big Boulder, PA. Stoked to see this shot get run.

Balancing Backlighting With Flash

  Have you been in a situation where the subject you wanted to shoot was in the shade or had a shadow cast on it, and the background was blown out in your attempt to properly expose your subject? EXAMPLE In this post we are going to cover how to make much better photos out

April 4-29

  The month started off with shooting the Academy Snowboard Camp at Boreal. Things then got serious as I shot with the whole Academy team for 5 day all threw north Tahoe. Sugar Bowl built Nick Poohachoff a large step up jump that we shot on for two days. Also Ryan Tarbell got shots on

Will Bateman and Hoven

Hoven wanted some photos of Will wearing their sunglasses. Not sure if they wanted to see how marketable the kids face is or what, but Will and I took about 10 min to bang out these photos. Thought I would share the photos and if I can say looks like I matched the quality/style of

I have a small check out on right now. They hold a photo contest every week on their site with the viewers voting on their favorite photo. Admittedly I did not submit my best photo, and in the end I lost out to last weeks winner but its great way to have your B

March 8-25

It had been 5 days since it had last snowed at Northstar when we went out along Sawtooth Ridge for the first time. It’s a really easy 15-minute hike off Northstar and was totally worth it when we found fresh powder. We spent a few days back along Sawtooth shooting, riding, and enjoying our own

Feb 24 – March 6th

I am really behind on the updates so here are some photos. On the 24th, I went with Jordan Parks to shoot at this weird metal structure. She is a great rider and showed her dedication hitting this thing 25 or more times. On the 25th and 26th I went to the tree stump that

Transworld Vol. 22 April 09 Issue – Lucas Magoon

Transworld Vol. 22 April 09 Issue – Lucas Magoon After being dropped out of the last issue, I was stoked when I picked up this months issue in the grocery store and saw my image in the wallpaper section. It was a shot of Lucas Magoon on the DFD ledge in Burlington, VT that I

4 Days

Spent most of the first day looking at three rails, but didn’t hit a single one. Instead went over to Neri’s backyard and snowboarded for a little. I even strapped on Matty B’s board and tried a few tricks. Day two was spent at ASI where my roommate Justin Mullen was eyeing up a man

No Snow Tahoe

Things have been tough with this lack of snow we have been experiencing this winter. Although compared to back east itโ€™s a lot of snow we have already, and I can’t even wrap my head about getting a 5-7 ft storm. Even with the disadvantages in snowfall I have been trying to keep myself busy

Salt Lake City, Utah

I went to Salt Lake City, Utah last week for 5 days with Matt Roberge, Matt Bothfeld, David Waltzer, Kyle Earl, Kade Madsen and Sam Hulbert. First day of riding was spent at a newly de-knobed down rail, and the night was spent at a brand new spot that we discovered. First part of the

I have been doing blogs for for a few months now, and have not bothered to point it out until now. I got a feature on their site about Big Boulder regarding all the fun stuff we have built and shot there over the years. Please go ahead on this link and check it

Gallery Update

Updated the “Action” and “People” galleries. Heres a link if you are in need

New Buys: 2 of 3

Second box was at the door today. Inside was my new Hasselblad 500 C/M with a 150mm CF lens and an A12 back.

New Buys: 1 of 3

It was the end of 2008 the next day, and I was in need of some more things to write off for my taxes for the year, so I placed three orders on Dec 30th. This was the first order to come in. Canon 15mm F/2.8 Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L Canon 1.4x Extender II PocketWizard Plus

ECS Issue 5.2

Got another money shot in the new ECS issue 5.2. Keith Bennett with a 5-0 down a wooden rail. First handrail I ever shot.

Big Boulder

Mikey B and myself have been going to Big Boulder every weekend since they have opened on November 22nd or so. Needless to say I have been shooting for almost a month there now. Here are some photos from the last two weekends there, and one random skate photo from york.

Late Film

Got some more film back. Some of it is from Harrisburg at night, and other is from when I was in Ohio. Please ignore the crooked horizon in a few. ๐Ÿ™‚

SBC 2009 Resort Guide

Really stoked to find out I had three photos in the new issue, including my first full page action shot. I wont take up your time reading, so just take a look at the photos.