People People People

I got some of the Big Boulder team together this weekend to shoot a few portraits of them all. I have wanted to get shots of each one of them for my library and I also need the practice of shooting a real sit down portrait and not spur of the moment lifestyles. Elena Jasic


I have never been a big fan of Photoshop. Never used the program for more then raw editing or putting together a few sequences. Needless to say I was really stoked once I learned about Lightroom, and just about totally abandoned Photoshop and Bridge from my workflow. With the arrival of lightroom 2 the need

New Toy!

I upgraded to my first pro body today, with the help of a Canon EOS-1D Mark III from Adorama. I got it used with a new spare battery and a two year warranty for $3243. Here are some high-res unboxing photos from today.

Gallery Update

Finally updated the gallery on my site. Swing by and check it out. New photos up in all 4 sections. Starting work on a whole new site. Stay tuned for that to drop sometime before winter gets into full swing.

$10 and a week to shoot. Film Sucks!

I finally got back a few rolls of film. Starting to understand a little bit more on how it all works. Square format is hard to compose for. Here are some shots.

Halloween at Big Boulder

Not a lot to say, Big Boulder has stepped up and killed it once again. With about a foot of snow fall on Wednesday to play with Ian Oliver pulled together a free hike-able park by friday. Mikey B and myself went up to fuck around, see a bunch of friends, and make a few

ECS 5.1

Little update on stuff in print. I got a full page “Money Shot” of Luke Haddock in East Coast Snowboarding Issue 5.1


Click the links for animated .gif files Mike 1 Mike 2 Mike 3 Mike 4 (Rockets)

Mikey B

I spent most of the weekend with one of my best friends Mike Bennett. Mikey B has spent more time in front of my lens then anyone else. So much in fact, he accounts for 1/7th of all the photos in my library. I have not shot much this summer so we decided it was Photo Battle

I submitted a photo to last week for their photo battle. They decided to use it, and you can vote for me or the other kid at If you are reading my blog and don’t vote for me, don’t bother to come back to my site. 🙂 Just kidding, but for real.

Transworld Vol. 22 Nov. 08 Issue

I was happy to crack open the new Transworld to find my name once again in the Contributing Photographers list. The photo that ran was of my good friend Mikey B, and at one of my favorite resorts; Big Boulder. In fact the photo was used because Big Boulder was ranked the No. 5 “East

Shooting Up

After two weeks I finally got all my film onto my computer and online. I am really stoked on how it turned out, and glad to see I might really understand a thing or two about photography. Sunday I shot with some of the Pirate Skateboard crew in and around Harrisburg, and got some half

Gallery Update

I just updated the gallery on my site. More photos also going up today in the “Other” section.

My first year as a “Snowboard Photographer”

I started shooting film again last month, in an effort to actually shoot something over the summer months. Now what is the point of shooting film if I can’t show it off? So I went and bought the Canon Canoscan 8800F flatbed/film scanner. I will be giving a review of the scanner along with some

Transworld Vol.22 Oct 08 Issue,

has popped my first photos in a national magazine cherry. I was contacted last winter to shoot the slopestyle page for transworld at Big Boulder. Not much I can write about it, so I will just show you the photos. They have a few more photos of mine that I hope will be used so

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book: By Martin Evening

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for just over a year now, and it has almost completely taken over my whole photography workflow. I won’t go into detail about how much I love Lightroom, I’ll save it for another posting, but I do want to talk about the new book I bought by Martin Evening,