Published: Mountain Sledder Magazine

This photograph of Justin Befu is my first published photo in a snowmobile magazine. Mountain Sledder Magazine published the image in their Fall 2018 issue. I captured this moment next to an ice waterfall at the toe of the Hoodoo Glacier in Valdez, Alaska.  

Forest Bailey Cover of Freerun Magazine January 2014 Issue

Forest Bailey airs over filmer Greg Weaver on the cover of last months Freerun Magazine. I shot the photo last December at Boreal in Tahoe while filming for the Snowboarder Magazine’s 12 days of Christmas. The trick was a frontside 360 nose grab to tail grab and was shot as a sequence at night.

Niko Cioffi Snowboard Mag Issue 10.3

Niko and the Gremlinz hit me up early last season to go out and shoot on the train tunnels which are a popular spot in Lake Tahoe. Niko was redirecting into this wall and I really wanted a base shot because he was riding one of the new GBP snowboards so I stuck my self

TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine Vol. 27 November 2013 Issue

The November 2013 issue of TransWorld Snowboarding came out a few months back and I had the following images published. Everything was shot in the TransWorld studio at their offices in Carlsbad, California except for the Pooch shot which I shot at Sierra-A-Tahoe last spring.

Lane Knaack Smokin’ Snowboards Advertisement

Lane Knaack’s 2014 Smokin Snowboards Advertisement. Published in TransWorld SNOWboarding, Snowboarder Magazine,and Onboard Snowboarding Magazine. I shot the action photograph on May 5, 2013 during Superpark 17 at Mt. Bachelor, OR.

Curtis Woodman ESPN Zoom Gallery

Curtis Woodman Switch Backside Rodeo December of 2012 in Lake Tahoe, California Thank you to ESPN for featuring my photo of Curtis Woodman as the opening photo in their web gallery “Best Images In Action Sports, November 2013” which you an preview by clicking on the following link to

Eric Messier Method Magazine Issue 14.1 Gallery

My photo of Eric Messier snagged the opening gallery spread for Method Magazine issue 14.1. I shot this photograph while shooting with Eric and the Warp Wave crew on Mt. Rose early last season. It was near the end of the day and everyone was getting fairly tired. Eric thought it would be cool to

Ryan Tarbell Flux Bindings Advertisement

Thank you to Flux Bindings for using my photograph of Ryan Tarbell for an ad in Arkade Magazine and Snowboarder Magazine. I shot this photo in South Lake Tahoe at a famous spot during January of 2012 while tagging along with the Markass crew. Ryan is a beast and landed the trick in a few

Snowboard Magazine Vol. 10 Issue 1 “Moonlines”

A huge thank you to Tim Peare and the rest of the Snowboard Magazine crew for using my image as the opening spread in their first issue of the year. I shot this image that I call “Moonlines” in Late April under a full moon deep in the Tahoe Backcountry while camping with the Airblaster

TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine Vol. 27 September 2013 Issue

A few images of mine were used in the new Vol. 27 September 2013 issue of TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine. Four images of objects that I shot around Chris Bradshaw’s house for an article on his favorite possessions and a portrait of Sam Taxwood for his checkout.

TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine Gear Guide 2014

A few weeks ago TransWorld SNOWboarding released their first issue of the year and inside were a number of my photographs that made it to print. Portraits of Jamie Anderson and Chas Guldemond for the Pro Setups section. A portrait of Smokin Jay in his Smokin Snowboards factory for a one page article on Smokin

Published: Chris Bradshaw – Transworld Snowboarding Japan

Chris Bradshaw, Ryan Tarbell, Will Bateman, Mark Reznikov, and myself did some jibbing and filming around Lake Tahoe in late January of last year. This is one of a few photos that ended up being published from the short trip. This specific photograph was shot at a famous spot in South Lake Tahoe that has

Danimals on ESPN

Danimals snagged an interview over at ESPN and they used one of my photographs. Click here to read the interview.

Hump Day with Gray Thompson knows what’s good and hooked Gray Thompson up with a Hump Day. What a boss. Check out the full interview and photos by following this link.

Vans Hi-Standard gallery on

Last weekend I went down to Sierra-at-Tahoe and shot the Vans Hi-Standard double big air event for Transworld Snowboarding. You can check out the gallery, write-up, and video on

Funtastik Ad

Funtastik is the local shop where I grew up. Here is an ad they ran in a local newspaper with my image of the new owner Aaron Wilson.

Nick Poohachoff on Boreal Ski Resort Homepage

Pooch has been up to Boreal a couple of times now. This one made it onto the homepage of the boreal website, but you can see the rest of the images on the following three links.

Nial Romanek – Snowboarder MBM Issue #162

The caption says… Photographer: Ben Birk Age: 22 Residence: Lake Tahoe, CA Have you ever been a little strapped so you took a dare to win some cash? Would you drop a cliff naked for $60? (Keep in mind how bare skin feels on snow during a slam). After a long day of snowmobiling in

ESPN November Zoom Gallery

The great folks over at ESPN used my favorite shot this year of Nick Poohachoff in their new Zoom Gallery (see here). An alternitive version ran as his ad for nomis (see here)

Turbine Boardwear Ad – Billy Brown

Lifestyle and Landscape by Ben Birk Action by Nacho Vaz Running in Transworld Snowboarding Vol. 25 November 2011 and Snowboard Magazine

Turbine Boardwear Ad – Kyle Ryan

-Transworld Vol. 25 Oct 2011 Issue. Another ad from the guys at Turbine. This one features team rider Kyle Ryan. All photos were shot during a team trip to Mammoth, CA.

Darrell Mathes/WESC Polaroid Contest hosted a Polaroid contest judged by Darrel Mathes. Although I didn’t win I did receive an honorable mention and a box of prizes. Link to the winners

Flow Snowboarding Ad

Scotty Lago received and full page ad. I did not shoot the action, just the lifestyle. Published in 2011/12 Transworld Buyers Guide.

Nomis Ad – Nick Poohachoff

Nick Poohachoff Lake Tahoe, CA Published in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine 2012 Buyers Guide and Snowboarder Magazine October 2011.

Toy Cameras Book

I was contacted a while ago to submit photography I had taken with a little toy camera called an Ultronic Panoramic. Six months later some of the images made it into the final book. – Both images on the right page are mine. – One image in the bottom right. – Top image on both

Axtion Magazine

Cory Cronk – Wallride Lake Tahoe, CA Hanging out with the FODT crew last winter was great. Hard working guys and a great filmer. The group had set up a wall ride on a popular feature in Tahoe. Shooting it down the tunnel I felt like I was looking down the bellows and out the