Contax IIIa

When my grandfather passed away this winter I received all of his camera gear, and one of the items was a well preserved Contax IIIa Camera with the original leather case. The camera itself looks beautiful, the metal still has a bright shine, and the leather case is in perfect condition. After doings some google searches I found a user manual for the camera and loaded in my first and probably last roll of film threw it.

The manual did not explain the controls of the camera very well and after using some WD-40 to loosen up some of the dials and some playing around with it I was able to figure the controls out. The few features I did like were the built-in photoelectric exposer meter, F/2-F/22 Lens, timer mode, bulb mode, and the 1/1250 shutter speed. The features I did not like was the max film speed that could be used with the in camera meter was 400 ASA, weight of the camera, and the lens. The lens is a 50 mm I believe and it was just never what I wanted for the situation I was shooting.

Overall the camera is not going to be one I take out very often, and will probably sit on my shelf as a collector item. Below is a photo of the camera along with a few of the photos I shot with it.

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