Crack The Whip

I just got off a 7 day trip. I now have 4 days to finish the photos before I fly to Mammoth for another shoot. It’s time to Crack The Whip.




2 thoughts on “Crack The Whip

  1. PS Wallick and Volk, the other unbiased spnsoor, is a mortgage brokerI hope they’ll cover how their peers steered unsuspecting sheeple into loans with higher interest rates or unfavorable terms so that they could earn a higher commission, while the sheeple loses their life savings. Or how their industry aided rampant mortgage fraud which brought down the world economy.Since they’re covering “industry facts” and all…Oh dear god I hope someone from HP goes! Maybe bring ’em some ramen?

  2. recently. This could be considered a follow up to a self-serving blog post I wrote a while back I: A Call to Arms, but the tone of this isn’t so much looking for people to support artists but more of a

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