FDR Skatepark Philadelphia

I have not been to Philadelphia since when I was in middle school and went to a Flyers hockey game with my father. So when Alex Kinttle called and asked me if I wanted to go skate FDR park I quickly agreed and set a date for our trip. The hour and half ride went quick as we listened to music and dealt with Dustin being a little shit and making us all laugh. Once we got to the park I took some time to skate the concrete park and rode the full pipe working on my transitions.

After skating for a while and taking a few safety breaks Alex and myself found this weird crumbling wall part of the bowl to shoot. Dropping in from the far right side Alex was able to get enough speed for the feature and we quickly captured the shot. Next on our list was the pink pool that sits atop of the park. The deep side of the pool was to big for anyone to do anything to crazy on so we rode the smaller side. Alex preformed a backside tailslide and Weston Petroski trick of chose was a rock and roll. Before we left Bonyee shot high up the American flag wall.

FDR was a great time and I will be sure to return.

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