Kodak KB-10 My First Camera

While looking threw my parents house I came across the first camera I had ever been given. It’s a point and shoot 35mm camera that has a fixed focal length lens with a flash that fires every time the shutter is pressed and goes by the name Kodak KB-10. I was really excited to play with the camera again so I put in an extra roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 that I had and took it with me one day on a trip to Philadelphia.

Once I got the film back I remembered how much of a shitty camera this thing really is. Almost all shots where the subject was 12 ft or more away was underexposed and any subject closer then 6 ft was blow out from the flash. This left me with only a small number of images that came out correctly exposed. I have another roll in the camera right now and I am trying to take more photos outside with it to see if it can produce better photos in better light.

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