Lucas Magoon Photographs From Minnesota

A Partial Look At My Lucas Magoon Photographs From Minnesota

This past winter I was lucky enough to spend two trips in Minnesota with Lucas Magoon. I had originally shot with him in 2007/08 while he was in Vermont filming for one of the Grenade videos (see the published photo) and at Union Square in NYC of that same year. Since then I had not had the opportunity to shoot with him again. Our paths crossed again, when Lucas came out to Minnesota with the Big Bear homies Ryan Tarbell, Ian Sams, and Mark Reznikov. I was already with Cam Pierce and Ian Post so we all teamed up to tackle the street features in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul. It was a fun couple of week hanging with the crew, getting shots, and trying to stay warm. We didn’t get kicked out of very many spots, and nobody got hurt.

Lucas just dropped his first full part in a few years with TransWorld Snowboarding which you can see here. I interviewed him for the post and had the following shots published in the online article as well. More Gooner photos from this trip to be released soon.

Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk
The writing is on the wall.
Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk
Noseslide tail tap to fakie. Mid cig puff.
Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk
All smiles.
Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk
Boardslide switch nose tap to regular.
Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk
Back in da streets.

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