Snowboard Magazine Vol. 10 Issue 1 “Moonlines”

A huge thank you to Tim Peare and the rest of the Snowboard Magazine crew for using my image as the opening spread in their first issue of the year. I shot this image that I call “Moonlines” in Late April under a full moon deep in the Tahoe Backcountry while camping with the Airblaster Crew as they filmed for their movie “Gone Wild” (see teaser/buy the movie here). The riders in the picture are Taylor Carlton, Max Warbington, and Jesse Gouveia. They had to ride this gnarly icy slope two nights in a row for me to get the correct image. Hats off to them. Also a thank you goes out to Cale Meyer for the invite to shoot while the crew was in Tahoe.


2 thoughts on “Snowboard Magazine Vol. 10 Issue 1 “Moonlines”

  1. Riprendo semplicemente quanto detto in altro thread. Torniamo sempre al famoso setup 17-22 di Luglio. Se il minimo tiene entro il 2 agosto, faccio una bella spesa, ALMENOCHE’ non si chiuda regolarmente oggi, MA che ci porterebbe al setup 1-5 agosto come di max..(e non sarebbe un buon segno per il toro). Quindi se si vuole salire si deve necessariamente scendere ancora (in linea con l’indicatore) per qualche gg.

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