Nial Romanek – Snowboarder MBM Issue #162

Nial Romanek

The caption says…

Photographer: Ben Birk
Age: 22
Residence: Lake Tahoe, CA

Have you ever been a little strapped so you took a dare to win some cash? Would you drop a cliff naked for $60? (Keep in mind how bare skin feels on snow during a slam). After a long day of snowmobiling in the deep Lake Tahoe backcountry with the Flow Snowboard team, Nial Romanek took just this challenge. After some convincing, with probably not the best confidence and some cold parts Nial strapped in. Pointed his board straight, ollied off the cliff, threw his jacket back, and well, you can see how the landing worked out. Perfect ending to a perfect day? Do such things really exist? Who knows, but ending a day with a great laugh is how I like to go out.

Location: Lake Tahoe, CA
Rider: Nial Romanek

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