American as Punk and Used Car Commercials

Some of the best punk bands, and the best used car commercial. Nothing is a good as SBTF if you don’t know what it is, slit your throat.

Bad Brains – Attitude

Dead Kennedys Insight

GBH Generals

Big Bill Hell’s Cars Photo Battle

I submitted a photo to last week for their photo battle. They decided to use it, and you can vote for me or the other kid at If you are reading my blog and don’t vote for me, don’t bother to come back to my site. 🙂 Just kidding, but for real.

Transworld Vol. 22 Nov. 08 Issue

I was happy to crack open the new Transworld to find my name once again in the Contributing Photographers list. The photo that ran was of my good friend Mikey B, and at one of my favorite resorts; Big Boulder. In fact the photo was used because Big Boulder was ranked the No. 5 “East Coast Park” in the Transwolrd Resort Polls. Great news for a little mountain in PA with a big heart.

Another photo was used as an Big Boulder ad. It was photo of mine from two years ago of Justin Mullen on a wall ride during the East Coast Team Challenge.

Transwolrd Vol. 22 November 08

Transworld Vol. 22 November 08

Best Week Ever

That show is really stupid. Is it still even on? I have not done shit this whole week. Just check every photo website I could trying to get info if and when Canon will come out with the EOS 1D Mark IV. Oya, and hoping the “brick” from apple is something that will make my life seem worthless until I buy it. God I’m a rumor whore. Kick my ass and send me back to 4th grade as a girl at a sleep over.

Shooting Up

After two weeks I finally got all my film onto my computer and online. I am really stoked on how it turned out, and glad to see I might really understand a thing or two about photography. Sunday I shot with some of the Pirate Skateboard crew in and around Harrisburg, and got some half decent shots that I’ll post on here. I probably didn’t work as hard as I could have but I wanted to make sure I could still shoot a photo, seeing as I have not shot in a little over two months. Damn summer.

Anyways here are the photos, enjoy!