Need Roommates

Justin Mullen and myself are moving to Tahoe, but we are in need of a few roommates.

Here is a write up on the house. Email me at if you would like pricing or any other info.

Location: Northstar, North Shore, Lake Tahoe California, California, USA

Accommodations: Condominium – 3 Bedrooms + Convertible bed(s) – 2 Baths – (Sleeps 8 )

This large, comfortable, townhouse is a three bedroom, 2 1/4 bath located at Gold Bend, in Northstar-at-Tahoe. It is just steps to the free resort shuttle; it is only one minute (a half mile) to the main Northstar village. Your deluxe townhouse offers you the privacy and comfort of your own home. We are the townhouse owners and we talk directly to our guests. The townhouse design sleeps up to eight (six in bedrooms).

• THIRD FLOOR: Master bedroom has a high vaulted ceiling with one king-size bed and a private sink with mirror. In addition there is one separate full bathroom with tub and shower.

• SECOND FLOOR: Two-story vaulted ceiling in the living room. This floor has the dining room, kitchen, laundry room, fireplace, and private deck with BBQ. The living room has one full-size (double) sofa bed.

• FIRST FLOOR: Two bedrooms and one full bathroom with tub and shower. Bedroom #1 has one queen-size bed, walk in closet, and private deck. Bedroom #2 has two twin (single) beds and a large closet.

Gallery Update

I just updated the gallery on my site. More photos also going up today in the “Other” section.

My first year as a “Snowboard Photographer”

I started shooting film again last month, in an effort to actually shoot something over the summer months. Now what is the point of shooting film if I can’t show it off? So I went and bought the Canon Canoscan 8800F flatbed/film scanner. I will be giving a review of the scanner along with some of my film images in the next blog, but I wanted to show some photos of my first winter shooting first. I believe it was 2005-2006 winter, and I was in 11th grade.

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Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event

So I have a real love hate relationship with computers. I really enjoy them, and how they let me edit and keep track of my photos, have the world at my fingertips, waste a whole day in bed and conduct my business, but I hate them in the fact they seem so weird for mankind to use. I feel this way about anything really created since the automobile.

Anyways, I was really excited when I found out when Sep. 9th was the date for the “Next Apple Event”. I have been following all the rumors and speculation about new MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, Cinema displays, touch tablets, and Steve Jobs death. So I was excited to see if they were finally updating a lot of their product in need of an overhaul and if Steve Jobs would be giving the presentation with his head in a jar like in Futurama. On the day of Sep 9th I was at work, so I was checking my favorite Mac sites to keep up with the info was being released.

As much as I really am enjoying the Genius feature in iTunes and as cool, and colorful the new iPods are, I was overall disappointed with the event. Don’t get me wrong I am really jealous of the new iPod Touch, and wish mine had the speakers and slimmer design, but this was all an appetizer to me.

I wanted some new meat from Apple. A total overhaul on outdated products or the announcement of new products would have satisfied my hunger. I guess we will have to wait until October to see if anything new is going to come out for the Christmas season. Until then I will make 100,000 playlist and watch the new Visualizer with my stoner friends.

Stumble is wasting my life

Stumble Upon is a plug in for the Firefox Internet browser. You download the plug in, install it, select from long list of topics that you are interested in, and it will bring you to sites related to what you checked from the list. It is a great plug in for anyone who spends 8hrs+ a day on the computer and can only check MySpace, Facebook, and their favorite forums so many times before they realize there computer has lost its “FUN” appeal.

Below is a list of links I found today while “stumbling”

  1. DISCO MAN gif
  2. Stories of people who should not own products
  3. Nobody tells the truth
  4. Patches and his dumb ass owner
  5. A good animation
  6. Wrong Number
  7. Interactive Music Video
  8. Pickup Lines
  9. 10 WTF Sites
  10. Dave
  11. Dems