Pennsylvania Skateboarding

Now that it’s summer and I don’t have a job I have been skateboarding quite a bit and have been getting better in the last 2 months then I have in the past 5 years. My total bag of tricks is as follows Ollie, Ollie off objects (I count that as a tick in my book), Heel Flip, Frontside Shove it, Frontside 180, and Backside Boardslide. The main reason for my success is the PIRATE skateboard I have been riding thanks to Alex.

I also got to shoot some skateboarding the other week with Doug Usko at Mop Top. Matt Roberge tall ass came down with some friends to ride and film that weekend also and the footage will be in an edit soon.

Summer has been good so far and hopefully I will have some more time spent skating and shooting. The last two weeks have been dull as hell.

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