Playboard Magazine #57 & Transworld Vol 23. December 2009

This image of Nick Poohachoff is my most successful image to date. It has run as the Cover of Playboard Magazine #57 in Germany as well as a full page in Transworld Snowboard Magazine Vol 23. December 2009 issue. Playboard has popped my cover cherry and very big thank you to them for that.

Here is a little background on the shot that I wrote up for Playboard.

The beam that Nick Poohachoff is Frontside Boardsliding is a beam that supports an abandoned train tunnel that runs threw the backcountry know as ASI around Sugar Bowl Resort. Nick set up this jib and tested it all by himself while we were shooting another feature 500 yards away. Had he caught his nose while he was by himself he easily could have fallen and died and we would have had no idea.

Playboard Cover

Transworld Vol 23. December 2009

Nick Poohachoff

One thought on “Playboard Magazine #57 & Transworld Vol 23. December 2009

  1. Nice story, man! I’ve got a friend who’s like that as well, can do crazy stuff all by himself just for fun. Pretty scary actually.

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