Powder Explorer: The Truck

Part two of the Powder Explorer rig is the truck. My few requirements were as follows. V8, 4×4, and 8ft Bed. The 8ft bed really narrowed down my searching. Originally I was hoping for a manual with a diesel tank but missed out on buying the only one I ever found. Just not a popular truck in my area. 🙁

After a few wasted weekend looking at lower priced trucks I jumped into the $7,000 range and my mom found this beauty. 2002 Chevy 1500 with 116,000 miles.

Only negative was the truck was 2.5 hrs away. So my dad took off work early one day and we went up. After taking it for a test drive and spending a few hours looking over the truck we decided to go for it. We took the highway home and to our surprise I got 22mpg. I need to conduct more testing to see what my MPG will really be.

Truck Bench

There are a few things that need fixed, added, or beefed up.
1. Stub Axel Seal needs replaced on both sides.
2. New wipers.
3. Clean up rust on passenger door.
4. Check Air Filter
5. Check Break Pads
6. Check spare tire pressure.
7. Needs a hitch. (Had one before but was not included in the sale)
8. Beefed up Suspension. Add-A-Leaf in the back, block leaf, coil spacers?

Truck Z71

We took it to Ohio this weekend to pick up my Grandparents old camper they no longer use. I will be posting about it very soon.

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