So on this blog I’m also going to highlight some of the products I purchase.

I recently dropped my 500GB external hard drive and thought it was broken. So I went to Newegg and with help from Jason Wager of plzthxbai I found a new 500GB drive and dual-bay external enclosure. To my pleasant surprise when I added in my old drive that had fallen to the floor it still worked, giving me access to a total of 1TB of backup, and saving me the money from buying a new drive. I set up one of the two drives as my Time Machine, to back up my computer and photos off one of the WD Passport drives I own, and the second of the two drives as a manual back up of photos again off the WD Passport and storage of music, movies, ext.

When both of the drives are in casing it weighs quite a bit (case empty is 4lbs). Enough that you could break some bones in your foot if you were to drop it. When it is plugged in, it’s almost completely silent and the fan is also undetectable when turned on. One negative is that it only comes in USB, and they make an eSATA/USB but it is listed as a RAID server, and quite a bit more expensive. A firewire 400 or 800 option on the model I bought would have been a nice choice.

All in all I am very happy with the purchase, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to do some simple backups or create a small RAID.

Here is a photo of the drive and my computer.

*click photo to go big*

The external drive and my Mac.
The external drive and my Mac.

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