Street Bikes on I-83

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett speeding by

Three of my friends recently each bought a Yamaha r600 so snapping a few photos of their new bikes is just natural. So we took a lap up to the Rutter’s gas station to grab some food and then road back to Mikes house.

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett

-Lance Fowler

2 guys

2 thoughts on “Street Bikes on I-83

  1. Okay but really though… they found duke in his OWN house with guns that he owns (illegally but still). And FB pictures? If his lawyer can’t get this bullshit kicked then he needs to turn in his bar card. There was no action of actual “intent”. His lawyer can just present his client being as a dickhead who likes to look “tough”. There really isn’t any evidence other than that.

  2. Nossa!!! Morri de rir! Mas é engraçado né, a moça fica brava por causa dos assovios e cantadas e aí resolve tirar a roupa? Pra vc ver como esse assunto incomoda as mulheres e cada uma tem uma reação diferente…Obrigada pela visita, apareça sempre!

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