Stumble is wasting my life

Stumble Upon is a plug in for the Firefox Internet browser. You download the plug in, install it, select from long list of topics that you are interested in, and it will bring you to sites related to what you checked from the list. It is a great plug in for anyone who spends 8hrs+ a day on the computer and can only check MySpace, Facebook, and their favorite forums so many times before they realize there computer has lost its “FUN” appeal.

Below is a list of links I found today while “stumbling”

  1. DISCO MAN gif
  2. Stories of people who should not own products
  3. Nobody tells the truth
  4. Patches and his dumb ass owner
  5. A good animation
  6. Wrong Number
  7. Interactive Music Video
  8. Pickup Lines
  9. 10 WTF Sites
  10. Dave
  11. Dems

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