Transworld Vol. 22 Nov. 08 Issue

I was happy to crack open the new Transworld to find my name once again in the Contributing Photographers list. The photo that ran was of my good friend Mikey B, and at one of my favorite resorts; Big Boulder. In fact the photo was used because Big Boulder was ranked the No. 5 “East Coast Park” in the Transwolrd Resort Polls. Great news for a little mountain in PA with a big heart.

Another photo was used as an Big Boulder ad. It was photo of mine from two years ago of Justin Mullen on a wall ride during the East Coast Team Challenge.

Transwolrd Vol. 22 November 08

Transworld Vol. 22 November 08

2 thoughts on “Transworld Vol. 22 Nov. 08 Issue

  1. nice work dude.

    the tremblant photo is one of my buddies who runs the park (photo of charles redi and the tremblant snowboard park)

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