Winter in Summer – Dec 22, 2009

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett Tail Press Harrisburg, PA

It had snowed before Christmas in Pennsylvania and my friends and I were ecstatic! We knew the snow might not last long and we had to take quick advantage of the situation. There were tons of rails we could have chose from, but this steep 28 stair with the rail that had balls on it was the one in our sights. Doug Usko and Mike Bennett shoveled off the stairs while I struggled to light the rail (I had not been shooting for quite some time and was very rusty).

Doug was the first to slide the whole rail and I tuned off my PocketWizards to take an ambient light portrait of him. I turned back to shoot Mike as he tail pressed the whole rail first try, but to his and mine disappointment I had forgotten to turn my PW back on. OH NO! I had to ask him to press the rail a few more times until his body position and nose height were good enough to have a keepable photo. Unfortunately is was still not quite as good as his first try had been but it was getting dark and we had other rail we wanted to hit. The image was good enough to run in the January issue of East Coast Snowboarding Magazine though :).

While waiting to get directions to the next rail we took some quick portraits against a brick wall. No flash was used for the portraits just the the ambient light from the lights that were hanging from above. Once the directions got in and we got to the rail we were not sure if we wanted to hit it. It was defiantly a balance beam rail and no real tricks were done. With temps in the teens or below we called it a night and all headed back to our homes.

Doug UskoDoug Usko
-Doug Usko (FILM)

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett (FILM)

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett

Doug Usko
-Doug Usko

Mike Bennett
-Mike Bennett FS 50-50 Hershey, PA

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