Winter In Summer – A New Series

Since I am not able to keep up with my blog very well during the winter months I though it would be fun to share my photography from my winter during the summer.

October 18, 2009
We had heard it snowed in the Poconos a foot two days earlier and seeing that it was October any excuse to try and snowboard was good enough. Mike Bennett, Doug Usko, and myself loaded up my Subaru forester and made the two hour drive to Camelback. Unfortunately upon our arrival we discover almost all the snow was gone with small patches of unrideable snow being all that remained. Not wanting to make the drive home quite yet we, went to Big Boulder to meet up with Matt Roberge, Luke Henning, and Jayell White.

Big Boulder had a little bit more snow at best, but we decided to hike to the top of the mountain (all 500 vertical feet of it) to see what snow might lie up there. Over halfway up we realized the top would hold nothing more then the bottom and decided to shovel a small landing for a sketchy bomb drop. Mike and Doug both hit the drop, were smashed to bits on the too small landing and over the feature quickly. We hung out talking and laughing for a while before returning to the cars, where we parted ways and all drove home.

Winter was coming soon though…

The Group Hiking
Mike Bennett mid hike
Mike Bennett
Jayell White
Jayell White
Luke Henning
Luke Henning
Mike Bennett Bomb Drop
Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett (Film)
Mike Bennett
Doug Usko (Film)
Doug Usko
Jayell White (Film)
Jayell White
Matt Roberge (Film)
Matt Roberge

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